Delhi and the Dentist – Part 1

I have had a “problem” tooth for a number of years. The one that is sensitive and stores your lunch for dinner.  The annoying one, whose pain comes and goes, like a bad memory. The one that you promise to get looked at soon…

This started me on my journey with Delhi Dentist

Firstly, I mustered up the courage and headed off to Mr NIB, Sydney, full off confidence as I have “dental health cover”. Mr NIB gives me the usual run down, gum disease, extraction, implants, crowns veneers, flossing, brushing, tsk tsk tsk the usual stuff. I nod and agree, then with mouth wide open…I ask “ok so I need 2 crowns, how much with my dental cover?”

Well with your NIB cover, for 1 porcelain crown, veneer, silver filling, x-rays, consultancy fees, chair time about $1200. Oh yes your policy only covers 1 major surgery per year so you have to do the 2nd tooth next year. $1200 WTF!

This put me in the of kind highly unsocial mood that sends you home complaining to whomever will listen, for days.

Now I like to travel to Asia, don’t we all? It’s fun, cheap and well close to Australia!  So why not get my teeth fixed over there? Medical tourism is a booming industry after all. But how safe actually is it? And where do I start?

I embarked into my research. I need a more cost effective solution for my aging teeth! Otherwise I will need to take out a second mortgage to have pearly whites into my retirement!

Finally, after much research in and out of Asia, I chose a Dentist in New Delhi India. Lets just call him Dr Delhi Dentist. UK trained, a family business and proudly displaying his awards as “India’s no.1 Dentist” 5 years running! Scary you say, yes a little bit. But after lots of chats, consultations, checking out his credentials and reviews, (all at no cost) I booked myself in for 2 new crowns.

This is what happened…

I booked a ticket and flew to Delhi! I stayed in a 4* hotel, for 6 days, with all the trappings such as gym, pool, café, and restaurants and toddled off to Dr Delhi Dentist each day. In my spare time in and around the appointments, I did what you would normally do on a holiday, I went sightseeing, shopping and lazed around the pool.

After those 6 days, I went away for another 6 days on tour to see the Taj Mahal and highlights of Rajasthan, all very close to Delhi, whilst Dr Delhi Dentist moulded my 2 new crowns at his clinic. I came back to Delhi for 2 days and he fitted me with my new teeth.

The damage you ask?For the princely sum of $300 AUD! Yes $300 for 2 perfectly fine crowns at a perfectly fine dentist with all the modern facilities you would expect! I was one very happy lady..

Ok so I had to pay for the hotel and flight, and tour but hey it was worth spending my money on me and not to Mr NIB.

Which option would you choose?