Why driving in India is safer than Sydney!

Considering a road trip in India? Concerned about India’s notorious driving reputation? Fear no more, because we believe its safer driving in India than Sydney.

Firstly, I am more fearful of driving in Sydney than I am in India. Has anyone ever been on the M4 North of Sydney, that road is a formula one racetrack, and is not place for ambling Sunday driver…It’s an aggressive and scary road

Sydneysiders also are notorious “road ragers” (including my past self, before I sold my car for the comfort and stress-free life as a public transporter) with little patience for anything in their way. The sense of entitlement on Sydney roads, is something to be scared off unlike our laid back folk in India.

I know this as I have spent many years on both Sydney and North Indian roads and never in India have I experienced being hunted down by a road rangers, until I smashed into my car into a pillon in Sydney Harbour tunnel. And that was all for cutting a driver off in my blind spot.

There is rarely road rage in India and this country deals with a population of 1.1 billion people on the move. India is vastly rural. Most roads are narrow links between small villages, that are home to myriad of life, including cows, goats, donkeys, kids, motorbikes, camel carts, and monkeys! It’s not easy to drive much faster than 40- 50kms an hour.. When vehicles do inevitably collide everyone gets out has a look and wobble their heads and continue on..

India has road rules, we just don’t understand them

The golden road rule is, don’t worry what is behind or beside you, just concentrate what’s in front. It’s the job of the people behind or beside you to avoid what is front..Hence many don’t use side mirrors and hence avoiding the dreaded “black spot”