• Tiwari Tours & Travel

    Indian Travel Specialists

  • Tiwari Tours & Travel

    Indian Travel Specialists

  • Tiwari Tours & Travel

    Indian Travel Specialists

Tiwari Tours & Travel Pty Ltd – India Travel Specialists based in Sydney, Australia and Varanasi North India

Custom Journeys


Create your own trip itinerary!

Choose where you wish to go and Tiwari

will create a custom made itinerary to suit

your budget and needs.

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Need hotels and transport for India?

Tiwari can quote a package for you.

Yoga Travel Solutions

Sadhi yogi

Sadhi yogi

* Partnering with the Global Yoga Community & Industry in the arrangement of overseas Yoga Tours & Retreats

* Consulting to industry on guidelines for retreat management in accordance with Australian Travel industry & consumer law

* Handling all travel logistics needed to run a safe, and successful and profitable retreat

The Tiwari Travel Philosophy….

 * Our Customers - Our goal is to provide you our customer with ethical and exceptionable travel advice and booking services

* Travel Guidance - We work with you before you depart to ensure that when you land everything and all details is taken care of

* Responsible Tourism – To support and work with local cultures, people and businesses as a way to give back

Tiwari Unique Difference – Small Business – Big Service

  •  Tiwari Travel offers  unique personal travel services. We are a family business and treat our customers as part of our family.
  •  We work very closely with our customers to cover all the details before you depart and while your on the move…
  • Customer Service – Dedicated Account Manager in Australia and when in India

Why Travel to India?

  • India is a destination that provides it’s visitors,  not just with wonderful sights and culture, but an opportunity for personal & spiritual growth.  The outcome of a journey to India is very personal, based mainly on the person’s ability to view the destination in a positive light and acceptance for the differences….
  • Mother India tends to work magic on visitors who are able to let go of fear and judgement and embrace her for what she is….
  • India is a unique and challenging, you will be rewarded in the most unexpected ways…..

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