• Tiwari Tours & Travel

    India & Sri Lanka Travel Specialists

  • Tiwari Tours & Travel

    India & Sri Lanka Travel Specialists

  • Tiwari Tours & Travel

    India & Sri Lanka Travel Specialists

Tiwari Tours & Travel Pty Ltd – India & Sri Lanka Travel Specialists

We also advise and assist with journeys to:

* Nepal

* The Maldives

* Tibet

* Bhutan

* Andaman & Nicobar Islands

What we offer….

  • Custom Itineraries

    We plan your own custom made trips, to suit your budget, interests and time frames

    See our Custom Tours page

  • Group Tours & Yoga Retreats

    We run a wide range of small group journeys and retreats with set departure dates for our travellers who like to meet new friends.

    See our Tours & Retreats page.

  • Flexible Pricing

    Travel on any budget!  Whether its 5* palaces and private vehicles or local home-stays and public transport Tiwari Travel will help you plan and book.

    See our Bookings page

  • In depth travel knowledge & experience

    We have personally visited all 29 states of India. All locations and hotels we recommend we have personally visited researched and stayed in. We do not outsource our customers to third party tour operators

What type of travel planner are you?

  • Books everything online?

    By utlising the services of a niche Travel specialist as opposed to a general travel agent. You will be provided with ideas and information to have a truly special time on your trip. We have the true inside information and can custom make any type of travel to suit your unique needs. Speak to us before you book, pay online and send your money overseas!

  • Uses an Travel Agent

    Most travel agents are generalists and will provide you with a minimal amount of travel options for alot of places. The latest trend in the travel industry is to utilise the services of a Travel Specialist. Tiwari  Travel are Indian & Sri Lanka specialists, we provide true personal and customised service to suit you unique travel needs

  • A combo online and travel agent

    It’s always great to start planning your holiday with research online. This way when you speak to a travel agent or travel specialist you can request exactly your needs and budget in mind. We always recommend online research but do not recommend booking countries such as India and Sri Lanka online. As this may seem to be cheaper easier option, but its also a very risky one.

  • Independant Traveller

    If you a true independent traveller and like to just rock up to a country and see what happens this is great if you have enough time to make your own arrangements. As whilst spontaneity can be fun, its can also be time wasting and more expensive in the long run.

    Tiwari caters also for independent travellers, as we have an office in India & Sri Lanka you can visit. They can book last minute things such as local train & bus tickets, domestic flights, foreign exchange, local sim cards and much more.

  • Yoga Travel Solutions

 Yoga Travel Solutions – the B2B division of Tiwari Travel

Yoga Travel Solutions is the division of Tiwari Travel that advises and assist the Yoga community with the arrangement of yoga tours & retreats throughout the world. Not only India, but a full service Australian travel company we can assist with and advise on how best to run an effective, successful and profitable overseas retreat for your business. Contact us www.yogatravelsolutions.com.au for more info

Mountain Yoga

  • Footage of the Ganges River in Varanasi North India

    This 30 TVC was recently show at the annual Sydney Film Festival to 1500 cinema goers who all went to see the Film “A Crows Egg” set in Chennai, South India. A real feel good film about love, family, friendship and the incredible strength of will of local kids.

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