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    Indian Travel Specialists

  • Tiwari Tours & Travel

    Indian Travel Specialists

  • Tiwari Tours & Travel

    Indian Travel Specialists

Tiwari Tours & Travel Pty Ltd – India Travel Specialists based in Sydney, Australia and Varanasi North India

Custom Journeys


Create your own trip itinerary!

Choose where you wish to go and Tiwari

will create a custom made itinerary to suit

your budget and needs.

Get a Travel Quote


Need hotels and transport for India?

Tiwari can quote a package for you.

We offer expert planning and travel advice throughout the sub-continent for Travel Agents, independent travellers, adventure seekers, families, solo travellers and yoga businesses.

Tiwari Travel Philosophy….

 * Customers - To provide you with ethical travel services and experiences that embrace your personal travel needs.

* Guidance - To assist and advise on all pre-departure information and whilst on tour

* Responsible Tourism – To support and work with local cultures, people and businesses as a way to give back

Tiwari Unique Difference – Small Business – Big Service

 * Tiwari Travel offers  unique personal travel products & services. We are a family business and treat our customers as part of our family. We don’t manage large groups or large numbers of travellers, and therefore have time to support you closely before you leave and while your on the move…

Why Travel to India?

* India is a destination that provides its visitors,  not just with wonderful sights and culture, but an opportunity for personal & spiritual growth.  The outcome of a journey to India is very personal, based a lot on the person’s ability to view the destination in a positive light and acceptance for the differences to the west.  Mother India tends to work magic on visitors who are able to let go of fear and judgement and embrace her for what she is…. India is certainly unique and whilst challenging, you will be rewarded in the most unexpected ways…..

Tiwari and Yoga Travel

* Are you a Yoga Teacher thinking of running a yoga retreat with your students in India?  Or perhaps you would like to teach on one of our Yoga Retreats?  We are looking for Yoga Teachers who wish to work or partner with us and help arrange amazing Yoga Tours & Retreats throughout India in some amazing locations.   We handle all the travel logistics, such as sourcing and negotiating venues, hotels, international flight tickets, visa services, Indian Railway tickets, local transport, tour guides, telecommunication products, yoga travel products and much more…

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