• Tiwari Tours & Travel

    India & Sri Lanka Travel Specialists

  • Tiwari Tours & Travel

    India & Sri Lanka Travel Specialists

  • Tiwari Tours & Travel

    India & Sri Lanka Travel Specialists

Tiwari Tours & Travel Pty Ltd – India & Sri Lanka Travel Specialists

What we offer….

  • Custom Itineraries

    As India & Sri Lanka Travel specialists, we help you plan, book and arrange any type of independent custom made tours to area and sites of your own personal interest.

    Don’t have time to book or plan yourself, what true expert advice and planning then let us work with your for the perfect stress and hassle free holiday to India & Sri Lanka

    See our Custom Tours page

  • Group Tours & Yoga Retreats

    Tiwari run and operate a range of small group tours with set departure dates for people who like to travel with liked minded travellers.

    See our Tours & Retreats page.

  • Flexible Pricing

    Four custom /private tours, Tiwari Travel offer flexible pricing that suits your style of travel and budget.

    See our Bookings page

  • In depth travel knowledge & experience

    Tiwari are Travel specialists for India and Sri Lanka. Meaning we have an in-depth knowledge of our destination. We have been arranging holidays for Australians to India and Sri Lanka for over 12 years and therefore have the experience and professional expertise to ensure that you have the best journey possible.

What type of travel planner are you?

  • Books everything online?

    By utlising the services of a Travel Specialist as opposed to a general travel agent. You will be provided with the necessary professional travel advice required for such countries as India and Sri Lanka.  Speak to us before you book, pay online and send your money overseas!

  • Uses an Travel Agent

    Most Australian Travel Agents are generalists and have preferred agreements in place with large expensive Tour Wholesalers.

    Whereas a Travel Specialist such as Tiwari  Travel focus solely on our destination of choice i.e India and Sri Lanka.  Hence provide a high level of professional knowledge and expertise which is simply not possible from a general Flight Centre for example.

  • A combo online and travel agent

    Travel Research. Most travellers today start researching and the planning of their holiday online. This is recommended as a start to gain an understanding of options available and places things to do and see.  However, it is advisable to book your holiday or tour with a Travel Specialist or travel agent for much needed extra level of expertise, guidance and safety.  It is NOT recommended to send money overseas to countries such as India or Sri Lanka.

  • Yoga Travel Solutions

 Yoga Travel Solutions – the B2B division of Tiwari Travel

Yoga Travel Solutions is the division of Tiwari Travel that advises and assist the Yoga community with the arrangement of yoga tours & retreats throughout the world. Not only India, but a full service Australian travel company we can assist with and advise on how best to run an effective, successful and profitable overseas retreat for your business. Contact us at meredith@tiwaritravel.com for more info.

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