10 Top Tips for Yoga Retreats in India

My first Yoga Retreat was in Bali in 1999. Since then I have attended, arranged over 50 retreats in India, Sri Lanka, Tibet and Nepal. Yoga Retreats are a great way to immerse in the local culture, whilst educating yourself and meeting like minded travellers and yogis. Yoga Retreats and Yoga Tours have become so popular in recent years, that there is now an huge supply of information online and its getting confusing. Be sure you have the right advice.

1. Best places for Yoga in India – You can practice yoga all over India, however at the moment the hot spots are Rishikesh North of Delhi, Goa and Varanasi.

2. Seek Advice from a Travel Professionals – besides the plethora of information on line, don’t forget to speak to a travel professional for all the helpful hints and advice for your destination

3. Booking Online – Same rules apply, research online, book with a tour operator or travel professional

4. Airport Transfers – Always spend a bit more and arrange a private pickup transfer at airports in India, its worth the extra money when your tired and jet lagged

5. Travel Insurance – don’t leave home without it

6. Yoga Teachers – check the credentials of any Indian yoga teacher, do you research

7. Venues – Many of the accommodation available in places like Rishikesh are rustic and basic make sure you know what your info

8. Yoga Equipment – Bring your own yoga matt and buy a nice matt cover in India.

9. Transport/Trains/Flights – Book in advance. The earlier the better for best prices and availability

10. Solo Travel/Women Travellers – is perfectly fine, same rule as above seek help & advice.